Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at St Margaret’s Church Hall on Wednesday 9th January 2019 at 7.30pm

Present: Mr M Pearson (Chairman), Mr R Caswell (General Secretary), 15 of the 25 clubs were represented. There were 19 votes available.

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated online, signed as a true record and there were no matters arising.

Correspondence: None

Chairman’s Remarks: I should like to start by thanking all team captains and administrators. England’s World Cup matches presented some problems, but my understanding was that the season was relatively trouble-free. We introduced an electronic alternative for the submission of match cards and results. Thank you to those who used that method, which helped us to test the system. We shall be looking to develop this further during 2019. If it is successful, we may introduce an electronic only system for 2020, so I would encourage all of you to attempt to use it, so that you can all take part in the development process and we can iron out any flaws. It should be easier this coming season as with the help of Chris Cain from Ellesmere, who knows an extra computer language, we should be able to have autocomplete, whereby just a couple of letters typed in for a name will produce a shortlist of that club’s players from which to choose.

After a few years of decline, I am pleased to report that the number of teams participating in your league saw a small increase in 2018 -  the Men’s league from 54 to 55 teams; the Mixed league from 33 to 35 teams; and the Junior league and Afternoon leagues remained at 2017 levels with 15 and 6 teams respectively. The Winter League was reduced from 45 to 42 teams in order to more easily accommodate the matches. A number of applications were turned down because it was felt that 42 was the maximum number that we could accommodate given the resources available.

The Committee also organised another successful tournament. Numbers here were down and the tournament committee is taking steps to increase participation to former levels.

I should like to record special thanks Roy Caswell as Secretary. Roy has had a challenging year. In addition to his usual duties, Roy has spent a lot of time in developing the electronic match card system. He has also helped in dealing with queries in the Men’s League, in the absence of a Men’s League Match Secretary.

I should also like to record special thanks to Andy Taylor in his role of Vice-Chair and Karen Hosker who does a sterling job as treasurer. We are very fortunate to be able to rely on these individuals to get their multitude of jobs done.

Finally, I would like to thank all the Committee members for their contributions during 2018 and for their continued support going forward into 2019. We are always looking for new faces to help spread the load. If you would like to help as a Committee member or in some other capacity, please put yourself forward when we come to committee nominations or have a word with me or any other Committee member.

Treasurer’s Report: Copies of the accounts were handed out. These had been forwarded to the General Secretary for copying as the treasurer herself was unavailable due to starting a new job. In her absence the Chairman went through the main points. There were no questions.

Guarantee Fees: As far as we knew in the treasurer’s absence, these were to remain the same, £20 per senior team; £10 Cecil Cup; £8 per junior team; £3 Howarth Cup.

Payment of registration fees: Since the 19th of April is Good Friday, it may have to be Friday 26th April but this will be subject to the Calendar set up. It was mentioned that it was only Friday by tradition and could be another day.

Business from the Notice of Motion Meeting: This was carried out.

Election of officers: It was proposed, seconded and passed that the existing officers and committee be re-elected en-bloc with other main roles to be elected in Committee.
The meeting closed at 8-25pm.