Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held via Zoom on Wednesday 13th January 2021 at 7.30pm

Present: Mr M Pearson (Chairman), Mr R Caswell (Secretary), 17 of the 25 clubs were represented. There were 24 votes available.

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated online, signed as a true record and there were no matters arising.

Correspondence: None

Chairman’s Remarks: I hope that all of you and your families and friends have not suffered too seriously at the hand of the virus.
Back in April, we were hopeful that we might be able to make a delayed start to the season, but as the weeks and months passed it became clear that this would not be possible. Whilst a season in the usual format could not be played, we were able to arrange some competitive tennis in July and August for those wishing to take part. I am very grateful to Andy Taylor, who almost single-handedly, organised men’s and mixed matches and also a ladies and men’s singles tournament. It was a tremendous effort on his part. In addition, I organised junior team matches. It was good to be able to meet and compete with other clubs again and brought some normality back to our lives.

The winter league for 2019-20 was just completed before the first lockdown. The current league (in a reduced format) was able to start on time in September, but had to be suspended in late October. We shall await events to see whether we are able to resume.

The work of the committee was, unsurprisingly, much reduced, but there was some preparatory work to be done, even though much of it came to nothing and there were still decisions to be taken. I offer my thanks to all the committee members for their support. I especially wish to thank Hattie Morley who has taken on the role of Mixed Match Secretary. Hopefully, there will be more for her to do this year!

At this stage, we are planning for 2021 in its usual format, but we shall be watching for the latest developments and may have to adapt accordingly.

I hope that you all keep safe and well and are able to keep fit in the absence of tennis.

Treasurer’s Report:
Copies of the accounts had been posted the day before on the web. The treasurer had reported that obviously not much had happened.
Loans continue to be repaid by the participating clubs
The majority of clubs have had all their subs repaid to them for the summer season. Leigh didn’t provide details for repayment, so their team money is still held.
I haven’t yet paid our normal subs to the BSF as I’m not sure what the arrangement will be with them this year. I should find out after their AGM at the end of January I would imagine.
There were no questions.

Guarantee Fees: The Chairman advised that these could remain the same.  These are £20 per senior team; £10 Cecil Cup; £8 per junior team; £3 Howarth Cup.

Payment of registration fees: This in theory should be provisionally Friday 23rd April 2021.

Business from the Notice of Motion Meeting: This was carried out.

Election of officers: It was agreed that the existing officers and Committee be re-elected en-bloc with other main roles to be elected in Committee apart from Nina Baxter who had resigned. Kate Caldwell was elected as Ladies League Secretary.

The meeting closed at 8.10pm.