Minutes of the BSF Tennis Committee meeting held at 7pm on Friday 8th June 2018 at St Margaret’s Church Hall.

Present: Messrs. Al-Chalabi, Caswell, Maslivec, Pearson, Prince, Smith, Taylor, Ms K Abbott, Mrs V Browne, Mrs S Francis, Ms K Hosker &  Ms L Perry

Apologies for absence: Messrs. Broughton, Nuttall & Ms L Cartwright

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated and were agreed after a minor amendment. There were two caterers listed for the Albert Halls.

Matters Arising: None

Correspondence: A club had asked if there was any dispensation regarding men’s matches on the 18th when England play their world cup match. It was agreed that by mutual agreement clubs could play their match in advance of the fixture. Failure to reach agreement would mean the match had to be played on the Monday. We would contact Club Secretaries and also have an item in the newsletter.

General Secretary & the new online system: We hadn’t quite got an avalanche of online cards despite the savings made in not needing to post the card. It was noted that the men’s card was easier to complete than the mixed. Very often in the mixed, all players are otherwise engaged making it difficult to complete during the match. The General Secretary also wondered if some team captains had the right technique for completing a card by phone. Perhaps some advice in the newsletter was needed. One of the men’s scrutineers said she still preferred to have all the paper match cards in front of her.
It was decided to monitor yet pursue the system further. Dropdown lists of names would be useful, but that would be a too big a change mid-season. However, it was decided to change the form so that the name of the person who completed the card would be entered plus a contact phone number which would only appear on the email to the Match Secretary and not the online card. It was noted that there had not as yet been any junior cards online.

The database on the web site had gone down a couple of times. The General Secretary asked that if anyone noticed this to please text him so he could pass on the information straight away as he may not see an email until later.

Match Secretary Reports:

Men’s League: There had been the usual problems with missing or misread names and also missing players. One player had played for two clubs. Having played for one club a player cannot play for another club except when playing up a division for another club’s bottom team. The second result would be discounted and the player asked if they wished to permanently transfer having informed the first club of their intentions. This could only be done with the approval of the Committee.

Mixed League: There had been the usual task of checking on registered players. Some clubs seemed to have not nominated their permanent A team players adequately. One score had had to be reversed in a Cecil Cup match where the B team had been entered leaving the A team without a match, but the club had then fallen foul of Match Rule 6 (d) whereas if the A team had been entered there would not have been the same problem.

Junior League: We had reached the halfway point. Unregistered players had been sorted apart from one team. A couple of matches have not been played. One involved a serious accident and the Committee had agreed that it could be rearranged. Another involved a freak thunderstorm. The circumstances surrounding the match had been examined and it was agreed that it would be better if the match was completed. The Committee approved. The Howarth Cup was now at the semi-final stage. One match had been conceded. Having matches on the second May Bank Holiday, which was also half term, may need a rethink.

Treasurer:  An invoice had been received from the Albert Hall for the 2019 presentation night. This will be paid shortly.

Tournament: Things seemed very quiet compared to previous years. The LTA website seemed very difficult to navigate to get to our particular competition although online entries were working fine. The handicapping meeting would be an open meeting for anyone to attend on Sunday 17th June at 10am at Markland Hill. Anyone apart from the usual Committee members are asked to text Alan Prince of their intention to attend.

Presentation Evening: The suggested presenter’s availability was uncertain at the moment but would be sorted in due course.

Dunlop: We have the balls but as yet no contract.

Facebook: Around 100 read it. We could probably do with widening the input.

Community Coaching:

Due to falling numbers of pupils only one coaching session per week is being held this year. Previously, it was two sessions.

The 1 hour sessions are on a Wednesday evening, commencing at 6.30pm. Coaching is led by Martin Coyne, and pupils are charged £4, a £1 increase on last year.

Any pupil attending for the first time is not charged

Average pupil numbers for the sessions so far is about 4. This is down on this time last when the average was about 6 pupils per session. However, the latest session held on 6th June was attended by 7 pupils.


Total sessions undertaken             5              
Total sessions cancelled                 1     (no pupils showed)   
Total nos. pupils attending           21              

Average per session                    4.2     (2017 average = 6.5)          
Income (£)                                  74  
Outgoings to coach (£)                 100          
Difference (£)                              - 26      
Income: outgoings (%)                74%   (same period in 2017 = 64%)

AOB: The Tournament Secretary had compiled lists of Clubs responsible for trophies. The General Secretary had placed these into an Internet page. He would make this available to Club Secretaries. The Tournament Secretary wished to be informed that clubs had read the information. Boxes will be placed at the three tournament venues for returned trophies.

Date and time of next meeting: Friday at 7pm 10th August unless we need one in the interim period as we did last year.