Minutes of the BSF Tennis Committee meeting held at 7pm on Friday 11th May 2018 at St Margaret’s Church Hall.

Present: Messrs. Broughton, Caswell, Maslivec, Nuttall, Pearson (in the chair), Prince, Smith, Taylor, Ms K Abbott, Ms L Cartwright, Mrs S Francis &  Ms L Perry.

Apologies for absence: Messrs. Al-Chalabi, Mrs V Browne & Ms K Hosker.

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated and were agreed.

Matters Arising: None


(1) We had received confirmation of our Presentation Night on 6th September 2019 to be held at the Albert Hall and quoting three different caterers that they use.

(2) A team player had made a private complaint about the conditions under which they seemed obliged to attend David Lloyd in Chorley and play indoors rather than defer the Match to Thursday. The main point of the complaint however was the question as to why the Committee had placed such a strong team in their division.
A long discussion ensued which covered points such as set claiming for unreasonable delays in a match and the fact that playing indoors was only by the agreement of both team captains. An away captain had every right to refuse to play indoors and return on the Thursday, although sometimes team Captains are reluctant to exercise their rights.
It was observed that the team in question had only won their next match by 12 games. They had also been knocked out of the Cecil Cup by a team that had questioned the Match Secretary as to whether there was any point in turning up at all after seeing the first week’s score. They were urged to play the match since it was bank holiday week and in a cup match anything can happen.
As regards the division in which the team had been placed, it was pointed out that this had been done at the February meeting from the list of players provided and they were in the opinion of the Committee clearly of Division Three standard. However, in the intervening months other players had transferred themselves from their original club to the new one which had now resulted in a stronger selection base. This was no-one’s fault. The Committee could only work with the information they had at the time. The Committee would respond to the writer.

(3) A main contact from another clubs had voiced their concern regarding Match Cards being visible on-line and as to whether those teams were at a disadvantage to those that were not online. The General Secretary had pointed out that all Warrington’s cards were online and in most table tennis leagues including Bolton they have all cards online. He said that he did not really understand why seeing who played could either be an advantage or disadvantage. The writer had responded to the effect that they had been told that it was an advantage if you know who is playing for the opposition. Also could there be a source of tension between club members vying for positions in higher teams when they could see the results? Also if you are the opposition you don’t have much choice if the home team puts the card online.

This resulted in another long discussion. The general feeling of the meeting was that it was an experiment which was under development and as soon as we could, we would be moving to a situation were most cards could be accepted online without the need to post the card. If most teams managed to cope with this as time went on, the few that were posted could be entered by a Committee Member so that all cards could be viewed. However, at this early stage it was not known if it would take off. Some Committee Members did not share reservations as expressed in the Correspondence.

(4) A fourth piece of correspondence had been from a team on the outskirts of Bolton who said that they found it annoying when having travelled so far to get players there on time to a two court club, they found that the home team were nowhere near ready to start on time themselves. Two of the Committee said that their team had been responsible for this in one of the cases and asked the Mixed Match Secretary to pass on their apologies. An item would be placed in this week’s newsletter and the Mixed Match Secretary would get back to the writer of the correspondence.

General Secretary: He wished to update the Committee on the new trial system. Over the first two weeks nine men’s cards had been submitted online and one mixed. Although it was stressed that if names are clear in the Mixed section, initials would be quite sufficient in the rest.
The General Secretary did not think that the system would move forward until we told Clubs that if they posted the card online and had checked it was there, then they did not have to post the card, but had to keep it in a safe place in case it was requested by the Committee.
It was agreed that we would start this the following week and in the meantime notify Club Secretaries of the intention to do so.
It was requested that extra members of the League Working Committees other than just the Match Secretaries receive automatic emails as soon as a card is posted online. It was said that the Men’s League results had been posted online as the cards were received. The General Secretary had entered the others. The Mixed and Junior Secretaries said they would get around to doing it in due course.
It was suggested that it would be better if the latest online match cards were at the top so you did not have to scroll down to the bottom. The General Secretary agreed to sort.
It was also asked if we could tell how many hits there were on the pages. The General Secretary said he needed to add some Google Analytics code as he had on other normal pages.

Match Secretary Reports:

Men’s League: There is nothing untoward as far as the men's matches go - all unregistered players are now registered, including an illegible one. All clubs have now provided permanent A players names.

Mixed League: Rain had affected the opening week. Registrations and permanent A players are being ironed out.

Junior League:  Markland Hill had dropped their C team. It would appear that it had been entered in error. Tyldesley had withdrawn from the Howarth Cup.

Winter League: The winter league season completed successfully with only one weekends worth of matches being affected by the bubble coming down. Thanks to the efforts of some of the DL members the matches were played that weekend on the indoor courts. There were 12 matches that didn't get played due to teams being unable to find enough players. With needing to purchase more balls than previously, there is a shortfall of approximately £500 this season, but there is ample money to cover this and therefore I don't propose to increase match fees for next season. The 'pay up front' match fee collection has worked well, with thanks to Sue Francis for handling the cheques. The business account took much longer than anticipated to set up but we got there eventually. I will contact teams in June with a view to team entries for the 2018/19 season. I have already been approached by someone new wanting to enter a team, but unless current teams drop out I think we are at our limit with court availability to increase numbers. I will try Harper Green again, but fear that this will once more be refused. Thanks again to Sue, John Nuttall, Dave Jones and all others who helped out. Thanks too to Lostock who provided balls when to my horror it became clear that trying to purchase balls after Christmas meant a long delay in receiving them - a lesson learnt!

Treasurer: It was asked if we had considered the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force on the 25th. This refers to the data we have on individuals and why we use it etc. Is it secure and do we make sure it is not passed on to third parties? As regard players, we record their names and addresses and date of birth for juniors, for the running of the league. It was held on a password protected database on the server. This was never passed to third parties. We also had names, telephone numbers and emails in the handbook provided by individuals voluntarily as contact details. It was known by all that this would be in the public domain. We may need to rephrase the wording of our applications in the future. This was an ongoing situation. In the meantime it was suggested a link provided by the Chairman be placed in the newsletter to inform clubs of their obligations under the new rules.

Tournament: The issue of the new compliance rules above was discussed in so far as it affected the tournament. We are in touch with the LTA re this issue.
It had been decided to try and have the handicapping as an open meeting for anyone to attend. Then they could see how it was done.

Dunlop: The balls had been delivered. We were still awaiting the contract.

Presentation Evening: We were asked for suggestions for a suitable presenter over the coming months.

AOB: None

Date and time of next meeting: Friday 8th June at 7pm.