Minutes of the BSF Tennis Committee meeting held at 7pm on Friday 10th October 2018 at St Margaret’s Church Hall.

Present: Messrs. Caswell, Maslivec, Pearson, Prince, Taylor, Ms K Abbott, & Mrs S Francis.

Apologies for absence: Messrs. Broughton, Nuttall, Smith, Mrs V Browne, Ms K Hosker & Ms L Perry.

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated and were agreed.

Matters Arising: The treasurer has raised the point from the last meeting re the £200 possibly needed to rectify damage to the base of the Cecil Cup. She believed there was a BSF fund re damaged trophies. We would need to make enquiries of the Chairman and Secretary of the BSF.

Correspondence: We have received documents re EAD going into administration. It is assumed we have been sent these due to the fact that they pay for adverts in our handbook and Tournament brochure. Our treasurer said she would attend to these. The General Secretary said he would forward these on together with a cheque from Longsight St. Catherine’s re fines & fees finalisation.

Tournament: We need email addresses from those who were willing to provide them so that people can be informed re Tournament matters and times of matches for those who enter. We will contact Club Secretaries in due course.

Winter League: This started last weekend. One team had turned up at the wrong venue. The new system was working well now that we get the money in in advance. Jobs had been allocated.

General Secretary: There was a general discussion as to where to proceed after our first year of on-line card and results entry. It was decided to continue. It was asked if the summer daytime league could be included. It was also suggested that we make online entry compulsory. However, it was decided to leave that for another year and see how we went. It was suggested that it would be better if names of players autocompleted from the database. This would be looked into. It was also suggested that in the case of mixed, which were more difficult and took longer to complete, if a results form could be used to get the result in earlier, which would then be followed by the match card.
The BSF Secretary would be relieved from the need to keep the results updated and Match Secretaries would not need to forward results in.

Proposed Rule Changes for 2019: The proposals from clubs were discussed and also one Committee proposal tweaked. The proposed rules revamp was also looked at again. Both of these would go to Club Secretaries with the Notice of Motion letter.

Junior Community Tennis Coaching at Barrow Bridge Final Report

2 May to 3 October (23 weeks)

Martin Coyne – scheduled to do one, 1 hour coaching session on a Wednesday evening throughout the summer.

Total sessions undertaken                    15               
Total sessions cancelled/no show             8                 
Total no. pupils attending                       60       (in 2017 = 88)
Average no. pupils/session                       4     (in 2017 = 5.8)         
Income (£)                                            228     (in 2017 =£374 for 2 sessions/week)
Outgoings to coach (£)                          300      (in 2017 = £560 for 2 sessions/week)
Difference (£)                                         -72  
Income: outgoings (%)                          76%   (in 2017 = 67%)
Stephen Maslivec
Mixed League Secretary

The Vice-chairman said that we need an extra item on our agendas in future, LTA/Tennis Lancs.

Date and time of NOM: 7.30pm Wednesday 14th November