Minutes of the BSF Tennis Committee meeting held at 7pm on Friday 14th September 2018 at St Margaret’s Church Hall.

Present: Messrs. Broughton, Caswell, Latham, Pearson (in the chair) & Prince

Apologies for absence: Messrs. Maslivec, Smith, Taylor, Ms K Abbott, Mrs V Browne, Ms L Cartwright, Mrs S Francis, Ms K Hosker & Ms L Perry

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated and were agreed.

Matters Arising: We had had a reply from the club whose courts had been complained about. We may have to inspect before the start of next season.

Correspondence: We had had a complaint that scores were not available on the BSF site on the penultimate weekend of the league. An email had already been sent to the complainant explaining what went wrong and pointing him in the direction of the beta testing section where many online results appeared early. It is hoped that this system may be extended next year so that results appear earlier.

A lot of correspondence had been received from a club whose final position in the mixed league was affected by the outcome of a match in which they were not involved. Prior to that match, the Match Secretary had been consulted to use his discretion (allowed under the particular rule) to permit certain players to play who otherwise would not have been eligible to play. The aggrieved club felt that these players should not been allowed to play, especially in such a critical match. It was agreed that all parties had operated within the rules and that the Match Secretary had given his permission for the players to play. It was questioned as to whether the rules should allow the Match Secretary to have this discretion. This will be discussed at the October meeting as a possible proposal for the AGM.

Treasurer: None

Winter League: The fixtures are now in place for the Winter League. By reducing the number of teams to 42 this has significantly reduced the number of matches and has made it a lot easier to produce the fixtures. The matches start on 5th October and run for 9 weeks with teams playing for two out of three weekends. With matches being less random teams hopefully will find it easier too. Sue is in the process of collecting the cheques prior to the start of matches. We have decided to issue one tin of four balls per match this year rather than six balls per two matches. This makes calculating the number of balls needed a lot simpler and a lot easier to manage giving out. Hopefully the teams will prefer new balls per match too. With a healthy bank balance the extra outlay in purchasing more balls than previous is not an issue so match fees remain at £20 per head per team.

Tournament: Since we are going to be contacting participants by email rather than by text, we could do with email addresses being provided on sign up of new players to the league.

General Secretary: It had been asked where we go to next on online card submission and entering of results. The BSF Secretary had said that if this was now operational on our site he could just link his site to it? However, as we were not quorate no firm decisions could be made and it would be deferred to October.

The handbook had been looked at re the possibility of consolidating all the Registration and Eligibility rules together in one place instead of being interspersed with the Match Rules. A copy of the existing handbook had been posted online with the two types of rules colour coded. Then a second document with all Registration and Eligibility rules extracted and a third showing a possible rearrangement of those rules into a logical order. Again as no firm decisions could be made we would work on these again over the next month ready for the October meeting. The General Secretary agreed however that his reference to weeks 1-12 did not work for the junior league or occasions when extra teams were placed in one particular division. He would replace this with “prior to the last two fixture weeks.”

Presentation Evening: The Trophy Secretary had sent in a report:

“I mentioned to the Chairman about the lower part of the Cecil Cup being twisted. This was after Steve thought we should possibly 'fix it'. I asked Readeys about possible repair. It would need to go away and could cost in the region of £200. They would ask for an estimate prior to any action being taken.
As to the Presentation Evening I was reasonably pleased with all that needed to be done regarding the trophies and the mementoes. Certainly the idea to put a responsibility onto the Club Secretaries to coordinate trophy collection prior to them coming to me helped a great deal.
The trophy providers were very efficient and cheery in their tasks. I appreciated the Chairman assisting to help select the 'gifts'.
Thanks were given to Anne Lindsay who was determined to save BSF Tennis money on trophy cleaning, saving charges that could well be over £50.
As to the Presentation Evening for next year I hope access will be easy re parking arrangements for unloading and re-loading at the end. Certainly the Holiday Inn was ideal from that point of view. Can a permit for parking be obtained from the council when using the Albert Halls?
Four clubs did not send a representative to collect cups and personal awards and I will contact them shortly.”

The General Secretary said that the Holiday Inn had been in touch asking for feedback. Those present said that everyone appeared to enjoy the evening. There were only positive comments and the food was reported as being very good. They had also been asking about future events. We had already booked the Albert Halls for next year and we really need to get past that before we commit ourselves further.

Rule Proposals for 2019: We had received two proposals from clubs so far. The Committee’s main proposals included the rules revamp which again would have to be deferred to October. Some rule changes will need to be put before the NOM as they involve changes to existing rules before the Registration & Eligibility rules are consolidated.

AOB: None

Date and time of next meeting: Wednesday at 7pm 10th October 2018