Hi I'm Elliot Massey and I play in the junior and adults tennis competitions.

I would like to write to you on behave of the cup rules for both juniors and adults cups and like to put a suggestion ahead forward to you which would make match play all but fairer and more fun for the tennis player. 

Firstly I have experienced many matches in both the cup and league and have been playing it many years, I have experienced many losses and many great wins and now I believe what would be fairer rules for the cup.

Firstly instead of a handicap system which isn't really fair, I believe you should change this system to similar rules of the football cups where there is no handicap (goals) given and the smaller/ lesser teams play first and the better teams come into the cup later on in the rounds. I believe it is not fair because this handicap system is drastic and the team with handicap only has to win a select amount of games on the day. No other sports uses handicap in professional level and even lower level. I believe if you enter lower teams you should be prepared  for a good game and to lose.

I believe next year will be a great year if you have these rules implemented as more teams will enter and stay each year to try and win the cup. This is the problem soon as I have heard personally not that many teams are going to enter the cup next year due to handicapping, so these new rules will be great and keep teams re-entering.

Lastly the experience isn't even great for the team with handicap because they dont get the satisfaction out of winning a match which they would of probably lost without handicap.

Even keeping the handicap rules would be great, if you could change it to that teams can only get a handicap in the lower rounds and as soon as teams reach semi-finals there is no handicap.

Please take my ideas on board and even please implement them into your cup rules as we all want our tennis competitions to be greatly enjoyed.

Thankyou for reading and I will be waiting on reply.

Thanks Elliot,
It has been placed on the agenda for Friday’s meeting.
Roy Caswell; General Secretary

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