Minutes of the BSF Tennis Committee meeting held at 7pm on Wednesday 9th October 2019 at St Margaret’s Church Hall.

Present: Messrs. Broughton, Caswell, Pearson, Prince, Taylor, Ms L Cartwright, Ms K Hosker, Mrs S Francis & Ms L Perry.

Apologies for absence: Messrs Maslivec, Nuttall & Smith.

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated and were agreed.

Matters Arising: Three people have shown an interest in joining the Committee.

Treasurer: Meadow Hill had been paid for the Tournament. We were still awaiting one or two sponsor payments.

General Secretary: The ticket sale finalisation has been done. The only problem was one club handed them out and told the recipients to pay by BACs. This made the tracking of sales in the account more difficult than it needed be. One person allocated a ticket has not paid for it. The Vice-chairman would follow this up.

Winter League: This had started last weekend with six divisions of seven teams per division. All teams had paid bar two. One may be asked to pay in advance of fixtures next year.

Tournament: We would retain the small form in the handbook but may reduce the number of large application forms. The Tournament would be scheduled one week later to avoid Wimbledon and Iron Man.

Presentation Evening: The Albert Halls had apologised for the lack of draft beers and largers. As regards vegetarian dishes we need to order them at the beginning with the food order should we use them again. Return to the Holiday Inn was discussed and the Treasurer said she would make enquiries re the University of Bolton Stadium facilities.

Rule Proposals: These were discussed. A couple of clubs need contacting for clarification before they are compiled for the NOM.

AOB: None

Date and time of NOM: Wednesday 13th November at 7.30pm.