Minutes of the BSF Tennis Committee meeting held at 7pm on 12 February 2020 at St Margaret’s Church Hall.

Present: Messrs. Caswell, Maslivec, Nuttall, Pearson, Prince, Taylor, Ms L Cartwright & Ms K Hosker.

Apologies for absence: Mr Smith, Ms Baxter, Mrs V Browne, Mrs S Francis & Ms L Perry.

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated and were agreed.

Matters Arising: The unpaid Presentation Night ticket had been sorted.

General Secretary: A memory stick had been given to Mr & Mrs Keeler from my club with all BSF files on as back up. All Internet files can be downloaded. John knows the site and the password & Chris Cain could help.

Automatic results entering has worked for the men's on a trial database the file was then improved by Chris Cain. It was decided to leave the mixed and juniors until we have reset the system as we could then test on the live files instead of constructing further trial database tables.

After my first attempt at trying a replacement for Google docs, I continued to work on it last year as stated in last year's minutes, but since Google docs was then well under way there was no point interfering. However, I had got as far as having a file for each league and club like Google Docs. You can see how many times a player has played and for which team. Since the info comes from the live match cards, there should not be any human errors and it would save a lot of work. Examples from last year’s cards illustrated.

League Set Up: This was carried out. The men’s had two new teams replacing two that had left and after that it was a very straightforward application of the two up two down system. There were 38 teams in the mixed so it had to be decided whether to have one division less and one division of 10 teams with extra matches to be fitted in or to keep the same number of divisions and have one with six teams. After a discussion the latter option was adopted. The junior divisions were to be sorted later after consultation with clubs.

Calendar 2020: This had been revamped by the General Secretary. A number of revisions were suggested and adopted. The revised Calendar would be reissued.

Treasurer: There was quite a lot of Tournament sponsorship that had not yet been paid. Two handbook adverts had not been paid for and would be withdrawn. We would ask if anyone else wished to advertise in the handbook.
Some guarantee fees had not arrived and reminders would be issued.

Handbook: The rules had been sorted and club details would be requested next month.

Tournament: A meeting had been arranged for 5th March.

Winter League: The winter league season is now three quarters of the way through. The pre-Christmas first half was somewhat challenging as the bubble, for a variety of reasons, was not put up until the very last weekend of matches. However Alex Jackson at David Lloyd was extremely helpful and managed to fit in the scheduled bubble matches using the indoor courts. The teams involved were very understanding as often a time change was involved and only two matches had to be re-arranged. Because of the upheaval the three matches that were not played due to team unavailability were not invoiced – ordinarily we would still pay for the court hire and also refund the non-defaulting team. Very surprisingly the bubble remained in place during the very strong winds of last weekend and all matches took place.

A report was produced re problems involving A*** B****** who runs D**** L**** A****** and it was proposed that the team be removed with immediate effect. Problems were non-payment of fees and a number of no-shows without informing the opposition who turned up to play. The Winter League decision was endorsed. It was also proposed and seconded that he be excluded from the summer league for a year however this proposal was not carried on a vote.

Presentation Evening: The treasurer had made enquires of the Lion of Vienna Suite at the University of Bolton Stadium. She would also contact the Holiday Inn for a comparison. It was felt that the Albert Halls would be put on the back burner after last year’s bar difficulties.

Dunlop: Unfortunately the need for Dunlop balls had been omitted at the NOM and AGM. This would be included in the first circulation to players. A new agreement had been made for £450 per annum and £78 dozen balls.
Our Vice-chairman and Dunlop Representative will provide a notice for each club to be given out at Registration.

Facebook: There were over 200 people who regularly consult it, so it is quite useful.

LTA Network: A Chairman’s meeting would be arranged for March/April.

AOB: We must remember to remind clubs that all cards need to be submitted online. It was suggested that the address of the Match Secretary was no longer needed on the reverse. It was also asked if we could go back to buff coloured card for juniors to match the website. The General Secretary would see Multicopy.

Wayne Jones from Bolton Arena was working to develop its use. Was there any way of linking up with the league? Thoughts please for the next meeting.

Date and time of next meeting: 11th March at 7pm.