Minutes of the BSF Tennis Committee meeting held at 7pm on Wednesday 11 March 2020 at St Margaret’s Church Hall.

Present: Messrs. Caswell, Maslivec, Pearson (In the chair), Prince, Smith, Taylor, Ms Baxter, Ms L Cartwiright, Ms K Hosker & Ms H Morley.

Apologies for absence: Broughton, Mrs S Francis & Ms L Perry

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated and were agreed after a minor amendment.

Matters Arising: Had anyone thought about the suggestion of further liaison with the Arena? It was suggested that one of the Arena be invited to attend the May meeting to explore ideas. The Chairman would arrange.

General Secretary: There had been a request asking if clubs using four courts could use less than three balls per court e.g. perhaps sharing balls between them, otherwise twelve balls would be needed for each match.
It was said that there must be three balls per court as per the rules.
The front part of the handbook was distributed and updated. It was suggested and agreed that in some cases addresses were not really needed. These were removed accordingly.

Treasurer: In the absence of the treasurer it was believed that the Holiday Inn had been booked for the 11th September. The question then arose as to the ticket cost. It was suggested that we stick to the same £15 as last year. The General Secretary would confirm these details with the treasurer.

League set-up and Committee duties: A slightly revised version of the mixed league was presented and accepted along with the proposed set-up of the junior league.
Hattie Morley was co-opted onto the Committee and agreed to take on the role as Match Secretary. This would free up the Chairman to attend more to duties as Match Secretary of the Junior League.

Tournament: There had been a pre-meeting of the Tournament Committee. The tournament had been arranged for one week later. Schools would be out and we would avoid Iron Man and Wimbledon. Markland Hill may only have five courts due to work being carried out. We do need a sponsor co-ordinator who has wide business contacts.
The level finals will be at Markland Hill and the handicap finals at Lostock as per last year with the presentations at those venues.

Presentation Evening: We were asked to think over the next few months of a suitable trophy presenter for the evening.

Dunlop: We were awaiting written confirmation of the contract.

Facebook: Around 200 people visit the pages and a few of us are adding information from time to time.
LTA Network: An outline of the new player rating system had been released. It appears that league results will count for ratings, so we need to consider adding players BTM numbers to our database.
A club chairman’s meeting is pending.

AOB: None

Date and time of Registration Evening: Friday 24th April 7.30-8.30pm.
Due to the special Friday Bank Holiday which was on the second Friday in May, the next Committee Meeting would be a week later on the 15th May at 7pm.