Minutes of the BSF Tennis League Committee meeting held online via Zoom on Wednesday 14th October 2020.

Present: Messrs. Caswell, Pearson (in the chair), Smith, Taylor, Ms. Francis, Ms. Morley, Ms. Hosker.

Apologies for absence: Messrs. Broughton, Maslivec & Prince, Mrs. Browne, Ms. Cartwright & Ms Perry.

Minutes of the last meeting: These were agreed.

Matters Arising: An invitation for a representative of the Arena to attend a meeting is ongoing.

The Treasurer will liaise with the Winter League Secretary re the Winter League accounts.

Rule Proposals: Two proposals, one conditional on the other being passed had been received from Markland Hill. A number of consequences were noted to be raised at the NOM Meeting.

Treasurer: A further £1,000 loan repayment had been received from Tyldesley. A discussion took place on the reduction in honoraria payments due to the reduction in workload due to the normal leagues not taking place re Corona-virus.

Tournament: If this takes place it will be obvious that the format will have to change especially in connection with spectators. Ideas are welcome.

Winter League: This has been up and running for three weekends now and appears to be running smoothly. We are using individual bags containing balls and a match card for each match and are also designating courts for matches to try and reduce the number of players grouping together at the start. We have also asked that matches finish five minutes early at change over time to allow courts to be vacated before the next group of players arrive. Once again Sue is doing a great job organising the Arena and Brian and Jean likewise at David Lloyd.

The possibility of switching bank accounts is still under discussion. A switch to the Co-op is not actually doable as the account I looked into (as a non-profit making organisation) is intended for registered charities etc. The only free business account available (which we currently have) is not ideal as paying in cheques is not straightforward and we would have to issue refunds by BACS. Teams giving us post-dated cheques to cover match fees acts as a commitment to the league and whilst a few teams are happy to pay by BACS in advance I don't feel we can expect all teams to do that. Especially given in a 'normal' year £140 would be required from, in the majority of cases, an individual.

It was queried as to whether it would be an advantage to have the court allocation published in the fixtures online in advance.

Dunlop: The Vice-chairman will be contacting Dunlop regarding reactivation for next year. There was also some money still due to us from Dunlop.

Facebook/Twitter: This had been quite active despite the bleak situation.

LTA Network: It has been found out that the public ballot run by the Wimbledon All England Club will be taking place.
The proposal that club tickets will not be offered again to a club if the person to which they were offered cannot take them up has received a lot of negative feedback and may yet be reviewed.

AOB: It was queried as to whether we should still have a £10 fine for non-attendance since the NOM would be online via Zoom this year. It was said that all clubs should be able to find one person who could attend by this method so the fine should stay as a disincentive to just ignore it.

There was a brief discussion on Trophies.

Presentation Evening planning was discussed as to whether we should have a date pencilled in. The Treasurer will make enquiries and find out it the venue was still suitable following their renovations.

Date & Time of the NOM: 7.30pm Wednesday 11th November 2020. The AGM will be on 13th January 2021 and the next Committee Meeting will be on Wednesday 10th February 2021.