Minutes of the BSF Tennis League Committee meeting held online via Zoom on Wednesday 16th September 2020.

Present: Messrs. Caswell, Nuttall, Pearson (in the chair), Taylor, Ms. Cartwright Ms. Francis & Ms. Hosker.

Apologies for absence: Mr Maslivec, Mrs Browne, Ms. Morley & Ms Perry.

Minutes of the last meeting: This had taken place last March. They had been circulated and were agreed.

Matters Arising: Many of the points of the meeting had been overtaken by events. However, we must bear in mind to invite a representative of the Arena to attend a meeting sometime in the future.

General Secretary and NOM Meeting: The General Secretary had produced some suggested amendments to the paragraph on Registration of Players and Eligibility to hopefully conform to the General Data Protection Regulation Act 2018 requirements. There was some discussion as to how long the information on online Match Cards should be retained. It was then agreed that the following addition should be made:

“The name and address is held on a password protected database and is used to uniquely identify the player and if needed for any written correspondence. It is destroyed when the player, club or the BSF Tennis Committee cancel the registration.

The name together with the name of the club is used on public player registration lists, published online match cards and press reports. Online match cards are taken offline before the start of the following season and are destroyed after a further two years when no longer needed for assessing Tournament handicaps.

Player’s statutory rights are not affected. Published names can be replaced if you request that from the BSF Tennis League Committee.”

The General Secretary would remind Clubs of their need to have any of their own proposals in by the end of September.

Treasurer: Obviously things had been quiet. Team fees had been refunded apart form one club requesting it to be carried forward. No deposit had been made to the Holiday Inn and since the lockdown they have decided to do some refurbishing. The financial records of the Winter League are required.

Tournament: Depending on future circumstances we will have to look at the format to conform with any safely requirements.

Winter League: This had been set up in a reduced format. Forty-two teams have been reduced to thirty-five in seven divisions of five. There would be four matches before Christmas and four after, all played on a Friday evening. At Christmas one team would be promoted and relegated in each division. As last year, cheques were payable in advance. How the balls and match cards get to each court is under consideration. Other banks are being explored for business accounts.

Dunlop: Matters have been suspended for this year. Hopefully, the matters would be reset for next year.

Facebook/Twitter: Lisa Cartwight had done a good job getting people reading the Facebook page.

LTA Network: Wimbledon Tickets have been taken over by  the LTA. There will be no public or club ballots. The system now would be that anyone who opted in may be offered tickets. If turned down they will not be offered to someone else in your own club.
A new rating system is coming in in January. League matches on the LTA League planner will count for ratings.

AOB: The Chairman thanked the Vice-chairman for all his work in organising the five weeks of friendly league matches and singles knockout events.

Date of next meeting: 14th October at 7pm.